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Feedback Devices

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Feedback Devices

We offer a great range of Feedback Devices that is specifically designed for various servo motor applications in industries. These are used in closed loop and motion control systems to derive the information about the position and velocity of a motor or machine. These are industry proven devices which, ideal for a wide range of rotary and linear position sensing applications. The structure is designed ruggedly to sustain the most adverse conditions involving high temperature, moisture, contaminants and vibrations. We have different types of feedback devices that are capable enough to handle thousands of RPMs.

The devices are available in different shapes with similar operation principle:

  • Rotary
  • Linear

Types of Feedback devices:

  • Encoder (incremental and absolute)
  • Resolver
  • Tachometer
  • Hall sensors

We basically deal in encoder and resolver.

Resolvers Repairing

Resolvers Repairing Resolvers Repairing are extensively used as rotary transformers in various servo motor applications. These devices are specifically designed to sustain in the harsh environments involving extreme temperatures, vibrations and shocks. Capable of handling high motor speeds, these devices are best known for providing excellent accuracy and resolution that is suitable for most industrial applications.

Available brands

  • TYCO


  • Analog device
  • Continuous electrical outputs
  • Rugged device
  • Suitable for high shock and vibration, high temperature, radiation and contamination environments
  • Rotary transformer
  • Multi-slot laminations
  • Large degree of temperature compensation


  • Servo motors
  • Steel and paper mills
  • Oil and gas production
  • Jet engine fuel systems
  • Factory automation
  • Missile fin actuators
  • Land based military vehicles
  • Aircraft flight surface actuators
  • Communication position systems

Encoders Repairing

Encoders Repairing Encoders Repairing come in a variety of configurations, both linear and rotary versions. Specifically designed to provide excellent accuracy, these devices can be operated up to many thousands of rpm. Integrated with advanced technology, these offer very high-level performance and are suitable for applications requiring high accuracy coupled with high resolution. These exhibit excellent durability in conditions involving high temperatures with particulates, contaminants and moisture and under shock or vibration.

Available brands

  • SICK


  • Offer high level performance
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Can handle thousands of rpm
  • Electro- mechanical device
  • Rugged design
  • Can withstand harsh environments
  • Provides absolute position feedback


  • Paper industry
  • Steel industry
  • Ore mills
  • Aerospace industry

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